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Bubbly and the Beach

This UPS (Unexpected Photo Shoot) took place right after a senior portrait session I did along the Presidio in San Francisco.

I could not pass up the opportunity to ask this couple to let me do a quick photo session. They were smiling, laughing, and sharing a bottle of champagne (no glasses included). This style of photography is my absolute fave. People just being themselves and living in the moment, no phones out, no agenda, just enjoying being alive and watching the sun fade away behind the Golden Gate.

Did I ask them their names, their story, etc...? NOPE! I just had a great time photographing them and being involved in their world for just a few minutes. Yes, I did get their number and texted them the pics. They were beyond excited and thanked me for my artful eye and the fantastic imagery.

Enjoy the rest of the pics below and make someone smile today.

Peace & Compassion,


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